14. Shampoo Triple Head

As in all systems vacuuming is the universal 1st step to soil removal.


Once the proper dry soil removal is done, thoroughly vacuum with an upright vacuum, the carpet may be pre-sprayed if the procedure and soil condition dictate.


The Triple Head Floor Machine Shampoo System is a cleaning system employing a floor machine with a triple head, counter rotating design. It most commonly uses a pad driver that attaches to the machine and synthetic pads that attach to the Velcro type pad driver. In the center of each drive block there is a port/hole that allows the cleaning solution to feed through the brush block and synthetic pad to the carpet. The pads scrub the cleaning solution into the carpet.  These machines may dispense the cleaning solution in one of several ways including a pre-spray, a spray system attached to the machine and/or gravity feed solution tank mounted to the handle.  The machine uses its wheels for guiding the machine in a straight line while cleaning as well as in transport of the machine.


These machines operate like pushing a cart. You push forward to go forward and pull back to go backwards. Most commonly cleaning is done in long straight lines. The handle is designed to be adjustable to the user’s height and secure in place with a locking mechanism.


Once the machine is turned on be sure to keep it moving continuously. Do not leave it stationary in one spot or there is a possibility of over agitation that may cause damage to the carpet. An overlapping motion of at least 30% of the synthetic pad system width is recommended. Solution should be applied so that you see a light to medium foam. Always stay behind the machine while operating it. When leaving the machine stationary be sure to first spin the excess solution off the brush by allowing no solution feed for a short time while the machine is running. Once completed, place a towel under the brush and/ or remove the machine to a safe or protected area.


The shampooed carpet is then extracted with a separate wet vacuum that removes soil laden shampoo and accelerates drying.  In the case of using an encapsulation detergent, the encapsulation product is scrubbed in and left to dry. Once the carpet is dry post vacuuming is needed.


Production with a Triple Head Floor Machine Shampoo System with Synthetic Pads depends on the type and size of machine, soiling conditions, carpet fiber type and construction and will vary between 1000-3000 square feet per hour.

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