13. Rotary Shampoo

(175 to 300 RPM) Floormachine Shampoo System with Pad


Using a swing type 175 to 300 RPM rotary floor machine equipped with a driver block with gripping bristles or connectors of various types are used. This driver block connects a pad that is normally a soft synthetic material. This block has slots and/or holes designed to allow the cleaning solution to feed through the block and synthetic pad onto the carpet. The synthetic pad scrubs the cleaning solution into the carpet.


Following application and agitation the shampooed carpet is then extracted with a wet vacuum to removes the soil laden shampoo and accelerates drying. A defoamer must be added, manually or automatically, to control foam in the removed solution.


Some machines feature a built-in extraction ring while in other cases the carpet is extracted with a stand alone wet vacuum.


An alternative method, utilizes a solution that includes a polymer based encapsulation solution that is agitated into the carpet and left on the carpet/fabric to dry where it embrittles the soil solubilized during the agitation process.  The encapsulated soil and remaining residue removed during regular maintenance vacuuming.


Once the 175 to 300 RPM Floormachine Shampoo System is turned on be sure to keep it moving continuously. Do not leave it stationary in one spot or there is a possibility of over agitation that may cause damage to the carpet.  An overlapping motion of at least 30% of the pad width is recommended. Solution should be applied so that you see a light to medium foam. Always stay behind the machine while operating it. When leaving the machine stationary be sure to first spin the excess solution off the pad by allowing no solution feed for a short time while the machine is running. Once completed, place a towel under the pad and/ or remove the machine to a safe or protected area.


Average production with a 175 to 300 RPM Floor Machine Shampoo System depends on the type and size of machine, soiling conditions, carpet fiber type and construction and will vary between 300-1500 square feet per hour.


Encapsulation – Rotary, Swing type Floor Machine with Pad

Encapsulation – Rotary, Swing type Floor Machine – with Brush

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