What is Low Moisture?

LOW MOISTURE is set of methods or systems as defined by the LMCCA Technical White Paper defining Low Moisture Cleaning (LMC).


LMC is methods and or procedures that allow any fibers to dry to their natural state in two hours or less. For the purposes of standardizing criteria variables we used (65% Rh and 70 degrees F). This can be accomplished by using less moisture to clean, using absorbent mediums, higher efficiency vacuums that efficiently extract water from the carpet and by increasing the evaporation rate of the carpet by lowering the relative humidity of the environment you are cleaning and by the use of air movers.


Why Low Moisture?


During the past 30 years there has been a trend in the carpet cleaning industry toward Hot Water Extraction (HWE) cleaning; also known as “steam cleaning”. The HWE method is an excellent cleaning method. Its strength is in its ability to rinse the carpet. Hot water extraction has become predominant within the carpet cleaning industry.


So why look any further than HWE? It’s true that HWE cleaning is capable of very adequate cleaning. However, low moisture methods also produce excellent results. Low moisture carpet cleaning is now being performed around the world. It’s being appreciated for a number of reasons… quick drying, water conservation, less contaminated waste water; less chance of soil wick-up, the list goes on.


There are an ever-growing number of carpet cleaners who favor low moisture cleaning methods. Many of these cleaning professionals use low moisture cleaning methods everyday to produce excellent results in their businesses. As the realm of low moisture cleaning expands within the industry there’s a growing call for industry recognition. The LMCCA serves as a liaison between carpet manufacturers, carpet cleaners, chemical and equipment manufacturers, and consumers in the interest of low moisture carpet cleaning.


While the LMCCA respects the value of ALL cleaning methods. The premise of this organization is to encourage acceptance of all methods (including Low Moisture) as restorative in nature and application.