16. LMCCA White Paper

Low Moisture Cleaning


In the world of carpet cleaning, there remains a systemic debate…more water or less water. Technologies are changing rapidly as advances in chemicals and equipment race forward. As these technologies present themselves, it is in our best interest to keep ourselves educated about them and the carpets that we are cleaning. In fact, it is expected of us. After all, it is only education, knowledge and skill that fully equip us to excel. By understanding low moisture cleaning and the effects of moisture on each type of carpet fiber, we are better preparing ourselves to help our customers, to help the entire industry and to succeed in the opportunities the future will bring.


This White Paper is intended to define Low Moisture Cleaning (LMC). The “dry” state of a fiber is the level of moisture retention in its normal environment. Each fiber type contains a certain amount of moisture in its natural dry state. Low Moisture Cleaning is the amount of water (H2O) used above the natural dry state but just below / at the saturation point of the fiber.

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