VLM Central: VLM’s Future Is So Bright, I Gotta’ Wear Shades!

VLM Central: VLM’s Future Is So Bright, I Gotta’ Wear Shades!

Hello again, VLMers! Welcome to this, the 6th issue of the VLM Central E-zine!

The e-zine that your interest and perticipation makes possible!! As I sit here and write this, it seems amazing to me, that so much has happened in the VLM community in such a short period of time. VLM carpet cleaning methods are gaining more and more popularity with professional cleaners everyday. There is a definite “buzz” in the air!

Recently, we had our first VLM Mini-Fest. This event was a real “eye opening” experience! Let’s face it. We can talk about VLM systems until we are “blue in the face”, but there is no substitute for actually getting “hands on” experience and expert guidance with each individual VLM system. Look at the photos HERE. Look at the Videos HERE.

This VLM Mini-Fest has spawned the upcoming first annual VLM Festival (2002) to be held in Atlanta, Georgia in early June of 2002. This will be a major VLM event! Stay tuned HERE for more details as they come in.

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Another fantastic development in the World of VLM is the formation of the LMCCA (Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner’s Association). None other than our very own Lonnie Mcdonald heads this organization! The LMCCA promises to do great things for all who use VLM carpet cleaning methods in their businesses.

The LMCCA has also “birthed” its first “offspring”, the School of Low Moisture Cleaning Technology (SLMCT). The SLMCT will be instrumental in teaching and providing hands-on training to carpet technicians in all aspects of VLM cleaning methodology. SLMCT classes will feature instructors from various VLM equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Who better to teach us how to correctly operate a VLM carpet cleaning machine than the President of the company that manufactures it? (This will be the case in many instances).

The benefits of membership in the LMCCA and certified training from the SLMCT are something that I will certainly be receiving in the coming year.

I hope all of you take advantage of these great new opportunities, as well. There is no better way to become a VLM Master Cleaning Technician!

Mark Stanley