VLM Central: Stages

VLM Central: Stages

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players!”

These famous words from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” were as relevant hundreds of years ago as they still are today.

Furthermore, we “players” on “life’s grand stage” have our own personal stages we enter and depart from. Let’s take this E-zine for example, it is now on it’s 9th issue or “stage” in its development as an Industry resource.

This E-zine is a collective effort of many Industry Professionals (you!) who freely share their time and knowledge in order that all who read it may be enlightened, motivated, and even (dare I say!) educated. Hey! Why not? There is still no better educator than “personal experience”. The knowledge presented here is definitely what I would call, “hands-on knowledge”.

It has been learned and earned the hard way – through experience! That is precisely what I love so much about this E-zine. Every stage in our careers as professional cleaners brings us invaluable lessons! Lessons that need to be shared with others. Hey! We all tend to make the same mistakes every now and then.

However, if only one of these common mistakes can be circumvented because somebody remembered the expert opinions they read here and/or received on the VLM Cleaning Technologies Board, I feel a huge sense of satisfaction in knowing that we are making a difference in people’s lives! Back to the metaphor of us as players on this stage…

Ask yourself, “What kind of player am I? Am I the kind who freely gives of himself so that others may benefit?” I hope so! We all should be. Recognize the true potential that this E-zine, Bulletin Board, and organizations like the LMCCA are offering us.

Don’t be just “a lurker” who only reads what is being posted. Be an “active participant”. Get in there and say Hello! Let your opinions be known.

Keep an “open mind” and share with us what you know is true! You will be welcomed with arms wide open. And, that’s what its all about, my friends!

Mark Stanley