VLM Central: Progress Report

VLM Central: Progress Report

So here we are again. Another year is passing into history and a new one is just beginning. We, as a country, have much to be thankful for.

We are so very lucky to live in a country as prosperous as we do. It is my sincerest wish that everyone here and abroad have a safe and prosperous 2003 and beyond!

First, with great pride, I would like to thank all who have contributed to this e-zine and the VLM Cleaning Technology Board. For nearly two years, both of these sites have been a great place to come, for those seeking knowledge, expert opinions, and fellowship. All who participate (or even just “lurk”) have made it what it is today!

Thank you!

I just want to say a few things about this issue of the VLM Central E-zine before you get started reading all the fantastic articles contained within. Articles, by the way, which are geared toward one purpose… educating you, in hopes that you will use this knowledge to increase your company’s success.

It still blows my mind that all this priceless information is FREE to all (no fees or memberships required). That is what makes it all the sweeter, however! This is what I thought the Internet was supposed to be all about, anyway… free exchange of information. Let me say just a few more words about this publication and its future. Over the last six months, I have noticed more and more websites incorporating Flash technology in their content.

The over-all effect makes these sites much more entertaining and effective at distributing their knowledge. It is my intent to have ready by Summer 2003, a more “Flash enabled” VLM Central E-zine. I want the format to be extremely easy to navigate and much more “interactive”.

I highly recommend that everyone make sure that their computer systems have a Flash player (Windows XP and others already come with a Flash player, built in). If you don’t have Flash, download it for free here. This e-zine is getting quite large now, (almost 100 articles deep!).

That is a wealth of information. Creating a navigational system that makes it easy to “mine” for the exact information you need is going to be my top priority in 2003. Harvey Fish’s section (View From Afar) and Dave Roderick’s section (From Start to Finish) will be back in the Spring – 2003 issue, so don’t despair!

Now, sit back and enjoy another great issue, brought to you courtesy of our Industry’s genuine Pros!

Mark Stanley