VLM Central: Knowledge Is Power !!

VLM Central: Knowledge Is Power !!

This age-old saying is truer today than ever before.

Knowledge = Power.

What a great equation! It reminds me of Einstein’s E=MC2. Let’s take a closer look at this deceptively simple phrase and see how it applies here. Yes. Knowledge is indeed power, but only if the recipient of that knowledge is “open” to receiving and applying it. And, of course, this knowledge has to be reliable and true, for it to benefit the recipient. For instance, if you learn a procedure for removing a rust stain that does not include an effective rinsing technique, then this procedural “knowledge” is actually incomplete and could possibly lead to liability.

So, with that in mind, I would venture to say, a better phrase would be: “Truth Is Power!” This is where things get a little complicated, though. Truth can be a very subjective thing.

For instance, in this month’s issue’s Cover Story, “Where Does It Come From?”, John Geurkink uncovers the “truth” about the depth of cleaning that his Oscillating Pad System delivers. Yet, in the mind’s of many HWE-only carpet cleaners, the “truth” is entirely something else. Can there be more than one truth? Is it possible that several truths can co-exist? This is starting to get pretty deep, philosophically. So, let me get to the point! Truthful knowledge is a very powerful tool in the hands of those willing enough to receive and apply it in their own lives.

This E-zine has been created for that very purpose. To empower. Each of us carries a smaller or larger (depending on experience) piece of the “Truth Pie” within us. Or, you might think of it this way, everyone has a piece (or several pieces) of the “Big Puzzle”. When we, as carpet cleaners, bring those puzzle pieces together and place them down with everyone else’s, we can begin to see a “Big Picture” form.

This big picture represents “The Truth”. And that is a VERY powerful thing! Do you remember the phrase: “The truth shall set you free”? (Here we go again!) Now, Truth = Freedom. What’s missing? Sharing. Giving of yourself. Taking what you know to be true and unselfishly taking the time to sit down and write it out for others to use and benefit from. This kind of sharing could be anything from, what marketing materials bring in the highest return for you, to an effective technique for removing red Kool-Aid stains. The bits and pieces of useful
knowledge we all have, collectively, is nearly endless.

When we share what we know to be true, we share our power.

And that brings us “full circle”, right back to where we began: “Knowledge Is Power”.
I hope you enjoy reading, absorbing, applying, and benefiting from all the various usersubmitted information in this growing publication. I urge you to share what you know to
be true and thereby, help us all benefit by increasing our knowledge. Since we are all in
this together, there is no reason why we shouldn’t all succeed together!

Thank you.
Mark Stanley