VLM Central: Future Generations

VLM Central: Future Generations

I had a thought the other day (I know….. that’s a rarity! LOL).

All of us will one day be replaced by the generations of carpet cleaners yet to come.

Just image….. all those 4-year olds out there, right now, who will someday run their own (hopefully) Million Dollar carpet cleaning businesses! In the grand scheme of things, we are so very temporary in our current positions. This is a humbling realization. I wonder how many of us truly understand the responsibility that knowing this brings.

What kind of legacy will we leave for the following generations of carpet cleaners to learn from and, dare I say….. follow. Sure, they will have newer and more advanced cleaning technologies than currently exists, but what they will be trying to remove from carpeting in the future is still very likely to be the exact same thing we try to remove each and every day. Soil will still be soil. Pet urine stains will still be pet urine stains.

In my mind, at least (if I may borrow the airplane analogy for a moment) we are still at an early stage, technologically . I would say, we are at the same stage as when single-winged aircraft began to overtake biplanes. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how carpet cleaning will have evolved in say…. the year 2500?

“Darn! Those Klingon carpets are hard to clean! Scotty?… One bucket of soil to beam up!


Yes, if our future generations are ever going to scale to the great heights that I expect they will, it is up to us (right here – right now) to lay a solid foundation for them to build from. We must open our minds to new ways of cleaning that go against the current “statis quo”! Doing so opens “doorways”. One or more of those doorways will lead the way into the future.

Will we be ready for it? I hope so.

I believe it is our duty to invite and nurture thinking “outside the box”. Ok. That sounds all nice and fluffy but how does it help me feed my family? Good question. Here’s the answer: Not only is it our responsibility to lay the foundation for our decedent carpet cleaners, but “it is the wise man (or woman) who puts his ear to the railroad tracks”. How does that help you prosper? It does so by giving you “an edge” over your “statis quo-minded competition” (who, in my experience, seem to greatly outnumber the rest of us!).

Every edge is an opportunity to increase your income. Reading and utilizing the knowledge in this e-zine gives you an edge. Likewise, joining the LMCCA gives you an edge. As with most of my editorials, this one ends with me asking for your continued support and participation. Staying involved and sharing your knowledge and opinions are what is important now and for future generations. If you would like to have an article in the next issue, simply e-mail it to me HERE. I highly recommend that you join the LMCCA (while membership is still FREE!). It represents our unified “voice” (as users of VLM systems) in this Industry.


Mark Stanley