VLM Central: From Diversity Comes Unity

VLM Central: From Diversity Comes Unity

Sometimes, this business makes me feel like a passenger on a train. I may have had a “single destination” in mind when I started the trip, but soon I start wondering about all the other possible destinations.

Through the years, I have learned much about carpet and fabric cleaning. What I know about the history of it really fascinates me. But, the one thing that intrigues me the most is the never ending stream of innovation that presents itself year after year. It seems that if you blink, you will miss the debut of the “lastest and greatest” innovative machine, cleaning agent, cleaning technique, etc.

Let’s face it! Our industry is evolving rapidly. Or maybe, it would be more acurrate to say that our “exposure” to this rapidly evolving industry is expanding. Some things that seem new have actually been around a lot longer than you think. Oscillating Pad cleaning is an example of this. Only our exposure to it as a viable way to clean carpet is new.

Think about all the diversity that exists in our industry. The old saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” does not even begin to describe the near infinite variances in the way carpets are cleaned today. The fundamental principals of cleaning are being approached “spherically” from every possible angle and degree. The mind boggles!

Nevertheless, in the midst of this maelstrom of never-ending diversity comes unity. Not unity of system or technique. No. I am talking about “Unity of Spirit”. The spirit of friendship, the spirit of decency, the spirit of kindness and caring, and the spirit of sharing. Do you remember when someone would tell you, “That’s the spirit!”? This is what unifies and strengthens us no matter how diverse we are. Our Spirit.

That’s what it’s all about! Everytime one of us shares something, the rest of us benefit from it. This issue has some great informtion, being shared freely for the greater good of us all.


The next official issue of this E-zine (#4) will be released in the Fall (October-ish). In the meantime, look for a ton of new stuff to be added in the coming weeks. Stuff like more Photo Galleries, more Streaming Videos, and lots of user submitted Marketing Materials and ideas! I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous Summer.

Remember… We may all have different tickets, but we are all on this train together

Mark Stanley