VLM Central: Charting A New Course

VLM Central: Charting A New Course

Friends… Here it is. The end of an era (sort of).

While it is true that this is the “final issue” of the VLM Central E-zine, all articles contained within this site will remain safe, secure, and (as always) free for everyone to research and benefit from.

My main goal when I started this website was to eventually accumulate so much powerful user-submitted information that it would become a “deep” resource that all of us could mine “nuggets” from for years to come.

So, with this goal in mind, (beginning in Fall 2003), I am going to change the “format’ that the information here is currently presented in. This site’s current format is that of a quarterly e-zine.

This format will be dropped and replaced with a new one that will allow for new and updated information to be published on an ongoing and continuous basis. This new format will actually make this site more like a “library” than an “e-zine”. The library format will be much easier for me to maintain and update, as well as allow for a much broader spectrum of information to be stored, categorize, and retrieved.

Additionally, there are many more user-submitted marketing materials that I have ready for publishing. They should ready to download by early Fall 2003. Stay tuned!!

Finally, I just want to say a great big THANK YOU to all of you who (over the last three years) have made the VLM Central E-zine a truly special and unique free website resource for carpet cleaning professionals worldwide to benefit from.

God bless you!

Mark Stanley