The Squid Marketer: Who’s Slow?

The Squid Marketer: Who’s Slow?

Most business owners lament this time of year. They automatically assume they will be spending the weeks following the Christmas holidays watching DVDs and listening to the CDs they received from Santa Clause. Much of their business related activity is spent in the marketing arena, planning their spring advertising and dreaming of April flowers! This is all well and good. The marketing is a must and hey! we all need a rest!

I, however, would like to suggest to you another option. This is the option of targeting your existing client base with a special post-holiday clean up offer!

This can be done using either postcards or letters of solicitation.

Mail out a super-duper “After the Tree Comes Down” special! Remind your clients of the need to have holiday food and drink spills and Christmas tree “over spill” and sap stains removed, sooner, rather than later.

Make your offer even more appealing by offering either free or discounted “after spray” (Teflon/Scotchguard protector, etc.). Stress the importance of “protecting your carpeting from the oncoming winter elements, such as rock salt”, etc.

Include a call-to-action, making the offer effective during the month of January or perhaps January 1st through February 15th only! You may want to include a New Years theme such as $20.03 a room! Always use the occasion to promote upholstery cleaning, as well.

With an active client data base, a bit of cooperation from Mother Nature, and a little imagination, you may be busier then you think!

Happy New Year!

Armand Taddeo
Squid Marketing Forms