The Squid Marketer: The End?

The Squid Marketer: The End?

I would like to say that it has been an extreme pleasure and a privilege writing for the VLM Central E-Zine these last 2 years There is never enough educational resource for cleaning professionals and sadly, we are losing one more. However, all is not lost!

The best way for the newcomer and veteran to continue to excel in their trade is to “get involved”. There are a great many options out there for you that go far beyond your yearly subscriptions to trade magazines. Join both regional (and if available), national organizations.

Attend conventions, trade shows, get-togethers and take classes when offered. You will never learn all that you can in one lifetime, but you just might learn more then your competitors, who think they have learned it all! Yogi Berra could not have said that better!

The ISCT Convention in North Carolina this month, the informal but fun and educational Summerfest in Baltimore and the first annual Connections Convention, both taking place this fall. Get involved. You won’t regret it!

Thanks for the ride, Mark and thanks to all for taking the time to read and LEARN!

Armand Taddeo
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Used here by permission of Squid Marketing. [Editor’s Note: The VLM Central E-zine isn’t exacty going away. It will simply no longer be published in an “e-zine” format. It will undergo a major restructuring in order to better present the three years of accumulated knowledge contained within. Stay tuned for this new format coming, Fall-Winter 2003.]