The Squid Marketer: The Art Of “Selling Yourself”

The Squid Marketer: The Art Of “Selling Yourself”

Most people entering the cleaning & restoration field start out with the same lofty goals. Lets face it! Everyone goes into this business with the same mindset. “I’ll start out with one truck, but have two by year’s end. In five years, I’ll run a multi-truck operation from the comfort of my office in the local industrial park!” Nice goal. Nice dream.

While many systemize and cultivate their business successfully from the start and indeed do achieve their objectives, others remain content running a successful one-truck operation for the entire lifespan of the business.

If you are in the former category, turn the page! If the latter category applies to you, please read on. The goal of the multi-truck operation is achieving the sales volume and cash flow to support the business, employees, etc., on a year-round basis.

The goal of the one-truck operation is to offer high-end, quality worksmanship and sell yourself in the process. Personality plays a major part in the growth of a successful small business.

You must build a rapport with each and every client:

#1) Talk to the small child while in the home.

#2) Acknowlege (but, caution-don’t pet!) the family dog.

#3) Do the little things others may not do or think about doing.

#4) Pile brush and groom every job.

#5) Use (when utilizing HWE) air movers for a faster drying time.

#6) Lay out traffic lane paper after you are finished.

#7) Keep your company name (read: YOU) in front of your client year round.

These things usually bring your clients to the point where they treat your appointments to clean their carpet the same as they would a visiting family friend! If you take hire a helper/technician to go with you on every job, make certain his/her demeanor reflects that of your own. These things not only create client loyalty, but also facilitate a real friendship.

Needless to say, all these things need to be accompanied by quality work with a strong guarantee! Make certain your client knows that you are always just a simple phone call away. Continue reminding them with: * Postcards. * Newsletters. * Birthday/Holiday greeting cards. * Thank You letters, etc. You can develop a small, but successful, “high end” [repeat-referral type] business, by simply developing a strong rapport with each and every client. You can also build new and life-long friendships, as well!

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