The Squid Marketer: Spring Is Here!

The Squid Marketer: Spring Is Here!

After enduring the Winter From Hell here in the mid-Atlantic, it feels great just to be able to type those words

In our industry, “Spring and Fall” translate into “Busy and Profit” yet I sometimes wonder if cleaners are doing all they can possibly do to maximize their earnings and keep their schedule full this time of year. Many seem to believe that they need to advertise during the slow season, such as winter and that their phone will not need any help ringing over the busy months.

Well, after 20 plus years in the business, I can tell you that (at least in our case) this mode of thought is inaccurate at best!

Spending money during the “snow” months can be a monumental waste.

Think about it. With all the white stuff on the ground and the potential for more over the season, you could offer your services to your existing clientele at half price and they would, more than likely, consider it not worth the expense. Their thinking is this: “Why bother cleaning the carpet when the likelihood of family members tracking in snow and salt still looms as a real probability? Would you?” This is where our commercial accounts come in!

As for the busy time, such as Spring, Fall, and the Holidays, carpet cleaning is on the homeowner’s mind and a gentle nudging, such as a postcard offer, is the correct action.

SPRINGTIME is the time to remind your customer of the need to remove the salts tracked in over the past few months with a professional cleaning and to point out the harmful effects these agents will have on fabric if not removed.

Seize the moment or in this case, the Spring Fever Cleaning Mindset!!! Run specials such as a St. Patrick’s Day and Easter offer.

Think as a consumer, not as a businessman.

Get cracking on your marketing. They are ready to spend. Make contact with every residential client in your database and watch that schedule book fill!

Have a great Spring!

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