The Squid Marketer: Postcarding Your Regular Client Base

The Squid Marketer: Postcarding Your Regular Client Base

Postcarding. Sure, almost all of you do it… right? You send 6 month and 1 year reminder postcards to your “regulars”. Right?

Well, I certainly hope you do, but is that really enough?

Lets face it, no matter how good of a cleaning job you deliver, when you are gone, YOU ARE GONE! How does the old cliche go? “Out of sight-out of mind”? There exists a high probability that many of your satisfied customers may have already forgotten your company’s name.

“Oh, we had a great company here to clean our sofa last month. They did a fabulous job! I can’t think of their name right now, but I will look to see if I can find their card.”

Do not let this happen to you! Besides the standard reminder postcards, there are many others you can and should mail on a regular schedule. Here is a sampling of three of them that I use with great success.:

1. IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) postcard: This postcard points out the OTHER important reason for having carpeting and furniture cleaned. Healthy Indoor Air Quality! We mail these out in January and February when more people spend their time indoors.

2. Recipe postcard: Designed like a real recipe card, it lists the various “ingredients” necessary for a clean healthy carpet. This one is great mailer for the Summer months!

3. Rocksalt – End Of Winter Special postcard: This is a postcard mailed out in March touting the harmful effects of Winter rocksalt on carpet. It also offers a discount with a 30 day “call to action”. It is very effective in jumpstarting your busy Spring season!

These are just a few of the many variations you can utilize in your quest to keep your company name in your customer’s face! Different postcards for different seasons… Your clients will never forget you!

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