The Squid Marketer: Ease Their Fear!

The Squid Marketer: Ease Their Fear!

Thanks in large part to the many unscrupulous Bait & Switchers and Splash & Dash Artists that our industry as fallen victim to in recent years, many homeowners are understandably reluctant (and in some cases) downright fearful of hiring a carpet cleaning firm to work in their home!

After hearing numerous “Horror Stories” from friends and neighbors, they simply do not know who to call. Hence the power of REFERRAL, but that’s for another article!

There are several ways for you, the carpet care pro, to project your professionalism, but initially, you have to get that “first time” potential client to call you! Here is a suggestion.

This worked for us: Recently, our local newspaper featured my company in it’s “On the Job” column. I was interviewed and spoke of the satisfaction I get after restoring a battered and neglected carpet & sofa and seeing the happy faces of my clients. My picture was inserted in two sections of the article. I was uniformed and standing next to a shiny clean van. Let me tell you… the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since!

A large portion of the callers were senior citizens living in local adult communities in the area. Many told us that they simply did not know who to call until they saw my article. I have never been a proponent of newspaper advertising (as repetition is the key to success in this medium). It can be quite costly and out of reach of many advertising budgets.

I am, however, considering running a reprint of that article. I can safely say that if I had paid for it, I would have been thrilled with the results. [ It should be noted that this newspaper article ran in July, a typically slow month here at the Jersey shore. ] I can only imagine how it would have faired had it been published in the Fall!

Another option would be to place an abbreviated version of the story, replete with my handsome uniformed mug :o), on either flyers or postcard mailers.

When planning your next marketing – advertising campaign, do not focus on price as much. Rather, concentrate on easing the client’s fear! Most will pay top dollar for a top flight job performed by a neat, responsible, caring Professional (You!).

Good Luck!

Armand Taddeo
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