The Dalton Event

The Dalton Event

Mark has asked me to write about the Dalton event, so I will endeavor to do that in the context of what was accomplished and what will take place in the near future.

The Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner’s Association or as we know it, the LMCCA, organized the Dalton GA Event. This event was a huge success (the attendees cleaned carpets at two hotels and completely “resurrected” one carpet that had been cleaned twice by other companies to dismal review). This carpet was pristine two days later, when I left Dalton. The hotel management was astounded and could not believe the difference!

Numerous cleaning agents and equipment were present and all the attendees had a great time as Rick Gelinas showed us how LST (No! Not LSD!) and a Cimex scrubbing machine could clean even faster than a Chemstractor! All the “old favorites” were there: Chemstractors, two different OP machines. We had Abstraction VLM, LST, VS Greased Lightning, Carpet 123, Procyon, Argosheen and much, much more. It was a great venue to learn to run VLM equipment and to convert another hotel staff into VLM lovers!

LMCCA Pioneer Awards were given out to Mark Stanley of The VLM Central E-zine and John Geurkink of Carpet Care Systems. The Pioneer Award is given out whenever it is felt that a company or person has done ground-breaking work in the realm of low moisture cleaning.

The LMCCA President’s Award was given out to Rick Gelinas (the developer of the LMCCA’s distinct “water droplet” logo). The President’s Award is an annual award that goes to a person or company that shows excellence in advancing the cause of low moisture cleaning.

The attendees took a tour of Collins and Aikmans Carpet Mills with John Garger (C&A’s Product Care Manager) and several attendees participated in private testing which was a joint effort between C&A and the LMCCA attendees. The results are not final, but we did have some very good outcomes.

The LMCCA wishes to thanks John and the kind folks at C&A for their hospitality and the LMCCA members for bringing equipment and chemicals to participate in the test.

The Dalton Event was also a learning experience for the LMCCA. Out of this experience, we have seen the need to develop a testing protocol that is “easily repeatable”. Our goal is to develop a “user friendly” testing protocol so that anyone (you!) can perform their own tests. We have also seen the need for a “LMCCA Approved” list, which will include chemicals and equipment that we have tested and that have received LMCCA “approval”.


You might ask, “How does the LMCCA plan on executing the testing?” Glad you asked.


Dave Roderick (LMCCA Vice President) was appointed to the Office of “Chairman of
Testing” and is hard at work, along with others, on developing a committee of folks who
will test products. Dave is in charge of authoring the protocol as well as the
“confidentiality agreement” that will protect the LMCCA and the manufactures involved.


We are already working on next year’s event. It will be a trade show with hands-on
training classes for all methods. Our goal is to roll out the (SLMCT) School of Low
Moisture Cleaning Technology Certifications. The Certifications will be awarded in 6

These areas are:
#1) Dry Foam Shampoo
#2) Rotary Shampoo Extraction
#3) Absorbent Pad/Bonnet
#4) Absorbent Compound/Powder
#5) Hot Water Extraction

Once a person has passed all the hands-on classes and have one year under their belt
from passing the first class, they qualify as a “Method Master”. The distinction of Method
Master will be the LMCCA’s highest hands-on cleaning designation.

The LMCCA does not plan to teach classes as the IICRC does, but to concentrate on
teaching the practical “hands-on training” and “how to’s” of methods and equipment.

As the LMCCA grows and evolves, people like you are needed to step forward and become involved. The LMCCA is still in it’s infancy and currently has over 100 members!
The LMCCA website now has the Industry Partner section up, as well as a Find a
Cleaner Search. We are constantly updating and adding new information to several
areas on our site ( Check out the Learning Center for great “how to’s”
by Pros like Gary Heacock and others.

The Dalton Event was just the tip of the iceberg! The possibilities for the LMCCA are

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank you for your support and we look forward to changing the face of our industry with and for you.

Lonnie McDonald
LMCCA Director
President/CEO of LeatherPro
Integrity Carpet Cleaning Inc.