Super Companies

Super Companies

Every industry has them: “Super Companies”. They seem to do everything right and grow faster and out of proportion to their industry and competitors.

Yes, these super carpet cleaning companies are courteous and helpful. Their advertising and promotions are interesting, engaging, and successful. They are physically attractive, neat, and business like. They have a positive view on events. They grow and prosper in good times and don’t seem to suffer in downturns.

The Question Is… How do they do that?

Here Is The Answer: Most of these super companies have someone with a vision leading the way.

This vision includes:

#1) How the company treats people (customers & staff).

#2) How the company positions itself in the marketplace.

#3) How the company identifies itself with logos, style, media usage.

#4) How the company “expresses” quality and guarantees.

#5) How the company implements customer service policies.

#6) Drafting and carefully following a Vision Statement that not only describes what the company can become, but also maps the way to get there.

These Super Companies also know they must prove their commitment and quality every day to every person (customers, prospects, and staff alike). Super Companies have the vision and the drive to follow through. They get the job done.

That’s how they do it!

Bill Scheuneman
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