Revising IICRC Standards

Revising IICRC Standards

Every 3 years the IICRC revises it’s Standards. These Standards are “living, breathing documents”. Yet, no sooner than they are finished, new information is gathered in an ongoing effort to improve the next revision.

This information is gathered from various sources over that period of time. Chemists, cleaners, installers, instructors, and many others from industry related fields are involved. The “melding of the minds” creates a depth of insight that just isn’t achieved by one’s own personal agenda. I am proud to say that I represented the LMCCA at the most recent S-001 Revision. When it finally is released, it will be called S-100.

I believe that if you are to change things in our industry you must be involved. I had a wise person tell me once that “if you would spend twice as much time fixing what’s wrong as you do complaining about it, you would really get something accomplished!” In the same vain, “if you aren’t involved you really have no right to complain!” This would be like, not voting for anyone for President and then complaining about the job performance of the election’s winner.

We at the LMCCA have chosen to press forward on all fronts to make a difference in the perception of how carpets are cleaned. You may ask, “Does the IICRC care about what we think?” I say, Yes. ( After all, they sought out and invited us.) I have found all the of volunteers who work on these IICRC Standards Revision projects to be “high caliber folks” with a serious concern for our industry. Do we always agree? Does anyone? I have presented our concerns with the wording of the “Dryfoam” section as well as the need to make sure that everyone who takes an IICRC certified class is given the corresponding updated Standard. I am also working on several different subcommittees that have an effect on future certifications.

Who foots the bill when all the people involved are volunteers?

The associations do. Various companies do. And, so do individuals who wish to see our industry unite and see the “walls come down” that have separated us. Individuals who always press forward in advancing our industry. Individuals like YOU!

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve you and our industry in this and other areas.

Lonnie McDonald
LMCCA Director
President/CEO of LeatherPro
Integrity Carpet Cleaning Inc.