Upholstery Cleaning – Cotton

Upholstery Cleaning – Cotton

Cotton is one of the most versatile and often used fibers in upholstery manufacturing. It is used in its most unrefined state, Haitian cotton, and in its most refined form in polished cotton or chintz. As a rule of thumb we can say that the less the fabric is refined the more problems you are likely to experience. Possible problems in cleaning cotton upholstery are:

• Browning • Shrinking
• Fading • Bleeding

By dividing the cotton fabrics into two categories, refined and unrefined, we can offer two procedures that will be successful in almost all cases. These procedures are designed to be easy to follow, very effective and to prevent the problems listed above. The procedures are taken from the Bridgepoint Fast Track Upholstery Guide.

Upholstery Cleaning Cotton



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