Rambo’s Ramblings: “B” Rules and “Selling with Guts!”

Rambo’s Ramblings: “B” Rules and “Selling with Guts!”

B-Smart: This is a favorite of mine. All my life I heard stuff like “nose to the grindstone”, “work hard”, You’ve got to have a good work ethic”, and so on. If working hard is the key to success then why isn’t my local garbage man a millionaire?

There are too many of you going through all the motions of working hard and not getting to your BANK. Working hard is only half of the solution. You must work smart enough to get to the place that allows you to achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

B-Happy: (sounds like a bad reggae tune!) If you do something that is fun for you everyday, work never becomes a four-letter-word. Sure! Money is important, but how do you keep the fire burning within if you are the world’s highest paid cesspool cleaner? Unless you love standing in excrement all day, it really won’t matter how much money you make. Life is too short to be flipping hamburgers!

B-Gutsy: It is too easy to fall into a complacent lifestyle. Stop accepting mediocrity as a standard.

B-Hungry: You have got to want it badly. B-Teachable: Be willing to learn all the time.

B-Decisive: Make a decision and stick with it.

B-Original: You should strive to be as original as possible. Although, it can be tough to be “an original”. If you don’t believe me, start researching all the greats in exploration, science, the arts, you name it.

B-Yourself: I remember a time in my life when I was unbelievably shy. (Yea,I know it’s hard to believe!) I was always worried what others would think. One day I made a commitment to change. I would express my thoughts, be who I truly wanted to be, and to hell with the embarrassment, consequences or judgment of others. Popeye said it best, “I y’am what I y’am and that’s all that I y’am!” S

Selling with Guts
Since I have reopened my Vacuum Store, I had to retrain myself on selling, here are some things I had to relearn. Make your prospects miserable and put them in pain!

Let me explain….

Prospects do not buy “Feature and Benefits” (forget what you have heard on this subject).

They buy in order to avoid pain and it is your job to make them realize how much trouble they are in.

Forget about getting to Yes. Always go for the No’s. Most of us waste far too much time and energy with “time wasters”. Qualify your prospects quickly and get the “no prospects” out fast so you can work with viable prospects.

If your competition is doing it, then change it ASAP! Be an innovator and let everyone chase you.

Always start at the top. When making a presentation, go to the top and work your way
down, instead of from the bottom up. Yes, it takes guts, but it is worth the effort.

Sell today and educate later. Stop giving free consultations to unqualified suspects. Your
time, knowledge and energy have value, but only if you show others that you respect yourself. Remember to qualify first and sell later.

Life is too short to make “cold calls”. Never make cold calls unless you have a prospecting sales system (I send out samples) that can convert cold calls into warm or hot prospects.

It’s OK to hate cold calls!

Never give a presentation until you have qualified the prospect up front. You need to ask the tough questions that most are afraid to ask.


“Mr. Maintenance Manager, why am I here?”

“What would you like to see my company do for you?”

“What problems are you experiencing?”

“Do you have money budgeted to purchase our service/product if it meets your needs?”

“Could you share that amount with me in round numbers?”

“What is the decision making process in your company?”

For those of you interested, here is a run-down of what my business is currently involved with:

We mostly sell vacuum cleaners in our showroom along with blinds,shades and shutters, but we also sell in the field our carpet cleaning service and our newest business of distributing cleaning supplies and equipment to hospitals, schools, and churches throughout the state of Georgia.

Ray “Rambo” Moody
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Used here by permission of Ray Moody.