New Member Spotlight

New Member Spotlight

LMCCA New Member Spotlight:
Stan Valadzko and SV Professional Cleaning

Stan Valadzko is one of LMCCA’s newest members. He owns and operates SV Professional Cleaning in Alexandria, Va.

Stan entered the carpet cleaning profession in an unusual way—as a customer. He was having his carpets cleaned when the crew encouraged him to apply for an opening on their team.

Experiencing carpet cleaning first as a service recipient and then as a service provider inspired his customer-first philosophy. He’s committed to making the cleaning process a positive, convenient, easy one from the customer’s perspective. That means arriving during a shorter than average window and maximizing customers’ time by providing multiple cleanings simultaneously—carpet, upholstery, tile and ducts. It also means offering only high quality, low moisture carpet cleaning.

“My clients don’t understand all the ins and outs of cleaning carpet,” said Stan. “They may not realize that excess moisture left in their carpets can increase the risk for slips or falls or, over time, lead to health concerns like allergies. They trust me to look out for them. They expect me to an expert.”

Stan learned a lot in his first carpet cleaning position and then launched his own professional cleaning business. He’s excited to now be able to connect with like-minded peers in his industry through LMCCA.

“I went from having a lot of co-workers as an employee to being, initially, a one-man show as a business owner. I have a team to help me now, but because of the nature of our work, there’s not a lot of time for camaraderie. We’re often working in the same house, but in different rooms. It will be a privilege to connect with other LMCCA members,” said Stan.

Stan also appreciates his LMCCA membership because it connects him to learning opportunities.

“Being an expert service provider requires constantly learning and improving, but the time I spend researching industry developments is not billable. It’s an investment I make in myself and the future of my business and I need for it to be efficient and effective. LMCCA offers training opportunities and a chance to network with industry partners including carpet mills, distributors and equipment and chemical manufacturers. That’s an opportunity I’ve never had before and I look forward to networking with them and broadening my understanding of the industry,” Stan said.

Stan sees another benefit of membership as the chance to use the association’s widely recognized water drip logo in his marketing materials, as well as being listed on the website and findable in using their search tool.

“People who understand the benefits of low moisture cleaning, look for providers who are committed to that method,” Stan explained. “The logo, and my association with LMCCA, allow potential customers to quickly recognize that I’m the type of cleaner they want to work with.”

Aside from the benefits of membership, Stan is thrilled to be part of an international association that promotes high industry standards.

“I’m excited to be a member of LMCCA,” said Stan. “It stands for all the things I believe in and aspire to–cleaning standards, business ethics, ongoing education and a client-first philosophy.”