Marketing Dry (VLM) Carpet Cleaning

Marketing Dry (VLM) Carpet Cleaning

[Editor’s note – The following information is especially helpful for anyone considering starting a business as a VLM (very low moisture) carpet cleaner.]

A “dry” (VLM) carpet cleaning service offers powerful brand differentiation that will distinguish your business from the competition. What’s more, a VLM carpet cleaning service offers attractive and convenient features that customers want, and in some cases are beginning to demand.

The Contradiction (Good News)

If you were to ask a “wet carpet cleaning professional” what system or equipment they recommend they will almost always recommend hot water extraction, more commonly referred to as steam cleaning. However, it is significant to point out that, if you ask a homeowner what system they want in their home or business they will usually tell you “dry carpet cleaning”. I suggest that you consider asking your friends, family and neighbors – and see what responses you get.

Public Opinion and Unprecedented Approval Ratings

In my opinion, radio commercials should feature real people (consumer based testimonial ads), especially when it comes to controversial and confusing services. I feel that whatever the public has to say about “steam-cleaning” in contrast to the VLM carpet cleaning, experience is of more value than anything I would say. VLM carpet cleaning is effective, deep cleaning and convenient.

No One Around For Miles

Think about it this way… Your company is fishing in a pond almost all by itself. Your competition, on the other hand, is fishing in a pond with thousands of other companies. Do not misunderstand … there are customers in both “ponds” and non-VLM carpet cleaning systems can achieve excellent results, provided that these systems are performed by trained and experienced operators. I just wanted you to visualize being on a big lake all by yourself. It is an accurate analogy for VLM cleaners verses HWE cleaners.

Market Forecast – The VLM Carpet Cleaning Category

As the public continues to become educated about environmental issues and IAQ (indoor air quality) I expect that “The Category” (VLM carpet cleaning) will flourish. For that reason, I feel that this category is ripe to be of interest to the news media.

Of course this seems logical to us but the media is in the business of reporting “the news” and it very rarely predicts [or promotes] new trends. Nevertheless, the effectiveness and safety of VLM carpet cleaning does present well-defined and newsworthy distinctions.

Greg Cantrell