LMCCA in Action

LMCCA in Action

Greetings all ! The new title was a suggestion from Mark. I concur, there are numerous folks that can cover various topics but few who can write and tell you what the LMCCA is doing.

The Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association or LMCCA as we like to call it is a very active organization. We recently adopted a slogan that really states what we do. The slogan ideas were submitted and voted on by the LMCCA membership. The winning slogan is” Promoting and Supporting Restorative Low Moisture Cleaning”

In April we were present at the presenting of S100 ,the newest revision of the carpet cleaning standard, which the LMCCA sat on the Technical Advisory Committe for.We also contributed to the updated Carpet Cleaning Technician Test which was also completed at the same meeting. In May the LMCCA was involved in private tests at Collins and Aikman Floor Coverings. As a result of the tests the LMCCA saw the need to form a testing committee. LMCCA Vice President Dave Roderick was appointed as Testing Committee Chairman. The committee will tests chemicals and machines and whatever else may be of benefit to LMCCA members. It will establish an APPROVED LIST of products that meet our guidelines. This is a monumental undertaking and is not done without understanding that tests must be fair and repeatable.. The test must also be recognized as accurate. It seems that there are many areas to test, so ours will focus on how it cleans and propensity to resoil as well as possible abrasion. I know Dave has already invested countless hours in this endeavor so take the time to call or email to encourage him.

Recently the LMCCA added VonScharder s an Industry Partner! This we credit to LMCCA member extraordinary Bur Warren. Bur is our Industry Partner Recruiter. He along with Mark Stanley who is the Industry Partner Chairman deserve a big thanks for all the work they do!

I talked in person to Gary Parker VP and General Manager at VS for about 4 hours. What a delight to call Gary, Herb and all the fine folks at VS friends.

Industry Partner Chairman Mark Stanley helped coordinate an outing for(Industry Partner) Challenger Pad Systems to meet with ( Industry Partner)C&A Floor Coverings to demonstrate the proper technic and use of a Challenger OP . It is very gratifying to see that the LMCCA has been instrumental in bringing VLM systems to the mills to test. We are currently helping several other Industry Partners in endeavors of testing and approving there products at the mill level.

The LMCCA is releasing articles to industry publications in an effort to educate and inform cleaners of our position and events. All LMCCA related articles will be stored at the LMCCA website www.lmcca.org and will be located in News, SLMCT unless we build a separate section for them. The LMCCA website is world class and site master Andrew Richardson never ceases to amazeus with his mastery of all things web related! Check it out it changes almost weekly!

Membership as of today 8/13/2002 is 96 Total members!

Of that number 10 are International,8 are Industry Partners and 78 are in the USA!

It is the LMCCA’s goal to have 100 plus members before the end of the year.

The LMCCA Board of Directors is representing the interest of Low Moisture Cleaners and
we are here for you! This is your organization and your representation to our industry.

Email or call us with your ideas.

Lonnie McDonald
LMCCA Director
President/CEO of LeatherPro
Integrity Carpet Cleaning Inc.
By Lonnie McDonald
Pesident of: LeatherPro and
Integrity Carpet Cleaning, Inc. and LMCCA