LMCCA in Action: Promoting and Supporting Restorative Low Moisture Cleaning

LMCCA in Action: Promoting and Supporting Restorative Low Moisture Cleaning

Greetings to the winter addition readers! It is my privilege to update you on the LMCCA’s workings and endeavors. From the last issue we have grown. We currently have 109 Members and 11 Industry Partners making our total 120! That number is 21 more than our total of 99 in our last article. Mark Stanley, Our Industry Partner Chairman was a great help in adding Industry Partners to our membership. The growth of membership is due to folks like you who enjoy the fellowship and support that the LMCCA and its members offer each other. Thanks for your efforts!

The LMCCA ran advertisements in ICS Magazine and banner ads at CCS and VLM Centrals message boards. Between your word of mouth support and these ads, we have grown and will continue to do so.

The LMCCA has committed to 6 months of advertising in ICS magazine for 2003. Our ICS ads will run every other month, starting in January.

The LMCCA is also in its membership renewal phase. As of this writing, 27 members had renewed early. Renewal can be done by sending the membership dues to the LMCCA’s address at:

P.O Box 342
Grandview, MO 64030

As a side note, in 2002, I was a test subject for the LMCCA and WFCA Partnership. All I can say about it is “It is way cool!” The LMCCA Platinum membership package is the one that gives you both. As a benefit of my LMCCA Platinum membership, the WFCA sent $500.00 towards the Applied Microbial Remediation Technician Class that I recently took. Not bad for a $250.00 membership! Wow! $$$$ for industry related classes! The LMCCA Platinum membership ROCKS!

Dave Roderick, LMCCA’s Vice President, is still working on “product testing” and we are coordinating our efforts with Collins and Aikman Floor Coverings. We have found that the ASTM soil (used in the current testing procedure) contains oils. When introduced as the soil used for the “resoil” part of the test, it creates its own “resoil effect”. Currently, this resoil effect is being blamed solely on the chemical being tested. The search for a more suitable “test soil” for the LMCCA’s resoil test is ongoing.

The LMCCA also attended the IICRC Fall meeting in Portland Oregon. While at the meeting, we had input on the Leather TAC and Senior Carpet Inspector. We have also been asked to serve on the Certified Firm and Registrants Committee. The LMCCA also sits on the American Furniture Manufacturers Committees on Care and Labeling. The LMCCA is currently entertaining the idea of becoming an IICRC shareholder. I will update you at a later time about this.

Check this out! In 2002, the LMCCA was responsible for sending approximately $10,000.00 worth of work to LMCCA members. Much of this work came in via our partnership with www.drycarpet.com and Surface Shields. Many of the clients serviced by LMCCA members have already become “repeat clients”. Now that’s the LMCCA in action for you!

We do apologize for our official website going down. The problem was server related and much of our site information was lost, as a result. We are awaiting the final outcome of this situation and have asked Andrew Richardson to rebuild the LMCCA website for us. Our old site, that Mark Stanley built, is currently up and functions at www.lmcca.org.

The LMCCA will be one of at least 11 Associations at Connections 2003 in Las Vegas. The LMCCA’s SLMCT (School Of Low Moisture Cleaning Technology) will be held before the Connections 2003 convention starts. We will be teaching “hands on” classes in each
method using the numerous VLM cleaning systems that will be present. A Certificate of
Completion will be included with this class.

Additionally, I will teach a 2-day Leather Cleaning Course after Connections 2003 has concluded. Here is your chance to finally learn how to add the lucrative art of leather
cleaning to your company’s list of services! For a schedule of Connections 2003, go to
www.connection03.org The LMCCA Board of Directors is truly representing the interests of Low Moisture Cleaners and we are here for you! This is your organization and your representation to our industry. I invite you to e-mail or call us (816- 392- 9071) with your ideas. Lonnie McDonald

LMCCA Director
President/CEO of LeatherPro
Integrity Carpet Cleaning Inc.

Copyright 2002 Lonnie McDonald. All rights reserved. Used here by permission of Lonnie McDonald.