LMCCA in Action: Promoting And Supporting Restorative Low Moisture Cleaning

LMCCA in Action: Promoting And Supporting Restorative Low Moisture Cleaning

Greetings All! Spring is soon upon us. It is once again my pleasure to update you on the workings of the LMCCA.

From the last issue we have grown. We now have 123 Members and 12 Industry Partners. Some of these memberships are currently inactive while we await the 2003 renewals. All members were sent 2003 Certificates of Membership with the cool new water drop broader and a return envelope for membership. Our membership thrives because of your continued support. We are your voice to the industry and we are having a positive effect!

Renewals can be taken by check or credit card. Renewal is just a simple call or e-mail away: 816-966-9065

Candy Bartel has assumed the position of Director of Member Relations. She is also a Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician via the IICRC. Candy will be calling all members at least twice a year. We feel that is important that you know we are here for you. Feel free to ask her questions and give her your feedback on the LMCCA.

The LMCCA is headed to Orlando, FL for the IICRC Certification Board Meeting in March of 2003. We sit on the Certified Firm and Registrants Committee and the Upholstery TAC on Leather. Your input is always appreciated.

The LMCCA is running advertisements in ICS magazine every other month plus we are constantly visible in the Connections 2003 ads. Our logo is everywhere! We will be presenting about 3 to 4 hours of hands on low moisture related classes in LasVegas at Connections. Our tentative line up includes:

Cimex-DSC with Rick Gelinas
OP with John Geurkink
Host with Geoff Greeley

Connections is expected to be the hottest trade show ever and the LMCCA is in on the ground floor. The event can be found at www.connections03.org and current LMCCA members do get a discount. Please register as an LMCCA Member and attend the trade show! The LMCCA will also present a 2-day leather cleaning class directly following Connections. Leather cleaning can be a great way to increase your bottom line.

Four LMCCA Members have been nominated in Dream Team – Clean Fax “Person of the Year”. I have the honor of sitting on the Committee that reviews the nominees. Kudos to Rick Gelinas, Mark Stanley, and Bill Yeadon. I am honored to be nominated along with you. We are all very proud of you and your accomplishments.

Lonnie McDonald
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