LMCCA in Action: Greetings from the LMCCA!

LMCCA in Action: Greetings from the LMCCA!

As I understand from Mark, this will be the last formal issue of VLM Central’s E-Zine. Our understanding is that this magazine will go into archive and the format will change to make the articles easier to access. While we are sad to see the format change we are glad to see that the E-Zine is to be archived.

The LMCCA will be hosting a major collection of low moisture equipment and chemicals at the CONNECTIONS 03 event on Thursday Oct 2 starting at 1:00 PM. We currently have VS (dry foam equipment), Chemstractors, Oscillating Pad Machines, Mist N Brush (encapsulation products), DSC, Low Moisture Furniture Cleaning, and the list and experts goes on and on. LMCCA members also get $$$$ off the Connections event and the classes which take place before and after www.connections03.org

Below is our release to Connections.


LMCCA Membership ROCKS!

A membership in the LMCCA supports what you believe in and it’s affordable! We have 3 memberships:

1. Gold
2. Platinum
3. Industry Partner

The LMCCA also offers a wide variety of benefits through our joint memberships with the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA).

The LMCCA mission is:
“Promoting and Supporting Restorative Low Moisture Cleaning”

The LMCCA’s current membership includes carpet and upholstery cleaners, manufacturers, distributors, industry magazines, industry consultants, instructors, and even a carpet manufacturer.

The LMCCA desires to help level the playing field of defining low moisture methods as
restorative cleaning within the industry. The LMCCA is doing this by representing it’s
membership via magazine articles such as “How Clean is Clean” in CleanFax which calls
for a move from speculative opinions to data driven measurable definitions of “restorative” cleaning.

The LMCCA is represented at the IICRC Certification Council and serves on IICRC Technical Advisory Committees of S100, CCT Test, Certified Firm, Registrants and Leather. The LMCCA also serves on the American Furniture Manufacturers Association committees. The LMCCA further represents its membership in testing of low moisture related chemicals and equipment.

The LMCCA conducts the School of Low Moisture Cleaning Technology (SLMCT) once a year where it brings together low moisture methods, chemicals, systems and experts so professional cleaners may experience low moisture cleaning in a “hands on” environment instructed by industry experts.

The LMCCA writes a column at VLM Central’s E-zine and operates the VLM Cleaning Technologies Message Board. These two entities give online advice in the realm of low moisture cleaning that have been viewed by thousands.

The LMCCA cares about its members. We are here for you!

Lonnie McDonald
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