6. Soil Suspension and Agitation


So now we have removed insoluble soil, what’s next?



Whether we are using a pre-spray, encapsulant, shampoo, or an absorbent compound we must be able to break down the water soluble and dry solvent soluble oily soils into suspension.  These can be applied with a variety of tools or methods including:


  1. Pump-Up Sprayers
  2. Battery/electric-Powered Sprayers
  3. Pressurized Tank Sprayers
  4. Machine-Driven Sprayers


Which one to use pump sprayers are the least expensive and the most labor intensive.


Battery/electric powered are a good source they give constant flow and you can have separate containers for prespray, and protector.


Pressurized tanks are charged and give even spray. You cannot change, as you need for different situations.


Machine driven ones can be hooked to a truck mount or portable and mixed for those different situations.



Once we have vacuumed and removed as much dry insoluble soil as possible and applied our cleaning solution we can utilize agitation to work it into the carpet to loosen the soil and help restore matted and crushed fibers. This can be accomplished by hand with a carpet groomer or brush or a wide variety of rotary, oscillating, or counter rotating brush type, machines.

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