5. Pre-vacuuming


This is the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY of removing soil. In all classes, that we teach this is usually the least welcome news but it is critical, especially in low moisture and VLM.


Let us see why pre-vacuuming is such an advantage.


All the general carpet-cleaning methods rely on some sort of solvency. By that, we mean that we bring the dirt into a solution and remove it i.e. bonnet cleaning, foams, absorbent powders and hot water extraction.


In order to remove that soil, you have to use the right solution to suspend the soils, break down binders and then hold it in solution until it is removed. So, to maximize your cleaning remove the bulk. Pre-vacuum, Pre-vacuum, Pre-vacuum!!!


Getting the Most Out of Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is one of the most important steps one can take to maintain the appearance of a carpet.  Keep in mind that soiling is progressive and will be concentrated in entry ways, pivot areas and anywhere you have hard surfaces next to carpet.  Make multiple slow passes and concentrate in these areas to remove the accumulation of soil.  Make sure to keep your vacuum well maintained and empty the bag or container before it becomes 2/3 full as it will significantly reduce airflow and performance.


Make sure to keep your filters clean and maintained along with properly cleaning and removing any strings or debris trapped in the beater brush.


The pile lifter is one of the most underutilized tools. The pile lifter has 2 vacuums, one for a roller brush and one for the vacuum so that no energy is lost turning the brush. It also has a special trap for capturing large particles. It will try to pull you as you walk the pile lifter forward and as you lift up on the handle and slowing drag in backwards lifting the carpet pile and removing the accumulated soil. It will work you.

If you are looking for recommendations for a vacuum then checkout CRI website (Carpet and Rug Institute) find one that works for you. If it never leaves your vehicle, it is of no use.

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