1. Introduction to Low Moisture Cleaning


Low Moisture Cleaning

In the world of carpet cleaning, there remains a systemic debate…more water or less water. Technologies are changing rapidly as advances in chemicals and equipment race forward. As these technologies present themselves, it is in our best interest to keep ourselves educated about them and the carpets that we are cleaning. In fact, it is expected of us. After all, it is only education, knowledge and skill that fully equip us to excel. By understanding low moisture cleaning and the effects of moisture on each type of carpet fiber, we are better preparing ourselves to help our customers, to help the entire industry and to succeed in the opportunities the future will bring.


Low Moisture Cleaning Defined

Any method, methodology or system that uses moisture below the saturation point of the fiber. Each type of fiber responds differently to the method you use reaching a saturation point at different rates. Therefore, the methodology you use is in part determined by the fiber content of the material you clean.  Removal of the moisture you use either through absorption into another medium, water vacuum and or evaporation is key to the cleaning process and dry times.


What is Low Moisture Cleaning? Methods and procedures that allow any fiber to dry to its natural state rapidly (< 2 hours @ 65% Rh and 70 degrees F). This can be accomplished by using less moisture to clean with, by using absorbent mediums, higher efficiency water vacuums and by increasing the evaporation rate of the carpet by lowering the relative humidity of the environment you are cleaning.

Industry Definition:  The normal environment is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 65% relative humidity.

What is a dry state? In numbers.



What does all that mean?



  1. Polypropylene –
    1. If the weight of the polypropylene fiber weighs 10 pounds
    2. It can hold 1 tenth of a pound of water – .84 ounces


  1. Polypropylene is said to be in the “dry state”


  1. Wool –
    1. If the weight of the wool fiber weighs 10 pounds
    2. It can hold up to 2 pounds of water – 72 ounces
  2. Wool is said to be in the “dry” state
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