Leather Spot Cleaning

Leather Spot Cleaning

Leather is the Mercedes Benz of seating and normally requires an expert technician to remove problems. This article will serve as a quick-guide to be used by people who have little or no leather cleaning and restoration expertise.

Grease spots (such as butter and oil):
– Rub gently with a clean dry white terry cloth towel.

– If that does not work, proceed to a properly formulated cleaner for leather furniture.

Usually, the previous two procedures work only in mild instances.

– You may also try K2R a powered absorbent spot remover.

Be careful to always “wet out” a whole panel and or “feather in” your cleaning products otherwise, you will leave a water mark.

Spills (such as coffee and soda):

– Blot immediately with warm distilled water with a sponge and a towel.

Do this to the entire panel.

– If that does not work, use a properly formulated cleaning agent designed for leather furniture.

Gum: – Put ice in a bag and hold it onto the area. When the gum is brittle break it off by rolling the leather between your fingers. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL!

Ball point ink: – Rub the area gently with a soft eraser. Be careful not to distort the surface of the leather.

This by no means a “solve all” to leather related problems. These examples are simply “quick fixes” for very small concerns.

To pick a good leather cleaning solution or to find a qualified leather cleaning specialist, email me at: leatherpro111@aol.com

Lonnie McDonald
LMCCA Director
President/CEO of LeatherPro
Integrity Carpet Cleaning Inc.