How To Get All The Commercial Work You Can Handle!!

How To Get All The Commercial Work You Can Handle!!

Commercial work is not hard at all to get if you follow a few simple steps. In this installment of BizzBuzz, I will show you how I acquire new commercial accounts. If you will spend some time following the steps I have outlined here, you will be very surprised at what you can accomplish.

1) Contact the business you that would like to clean by telephone, first.

2) Tell the “gatekeeper” that you have some information that you would like to mail to the person responsible for maintaining the building. Now you have the “decision maker’s” name.

3) Mail the decision maker a nice sales letter. Go strong on the benefits in all of your sales letters. And be sure to use captivating headlines. Include a “call to action”.

4) Call the decision maker. You should now be able to get past the gatekeeper because you know the decision maker’s name and you can also tell the gatekeeper that you’ve mailed them some information and you need to follow up.

5) Once you get the decision maker on the telephone, make reference to the letter that you mailed them. Next, tell them that you would like to stop by to make a brief 10 – 15 minute presentation. Also, tell them that you would like to clean a section of their dirtiest carpet for free so they can see how great their carpets can look. Doing the demonstration is vital if you really want to make sales.

6) When you arrive have a professional looking presentation in a binder prepared to show them. Business people expect to see professionalism. Many of your competitors are not professional. So, if you can pull off a good presentation you will really shine.

7) After you make your presentation and do your demo, measure the building and write up a proposal.

8) Follow up with phone calls as well as follow-up letters and e-mails. Don’t stop bugging them until they say YES. It may take several contacts before they are ready to buy.

9) When they are ready to use your service, present them with a professional looking contract. You can use an inexpensive legal software program like “Quicken Business Lawyer” to generate a contract that you can modify to fit your business.

If you follow these 9 simple steps you can easily acquire tons of commercial work. Go get ’em! There’s gold in them there buildings!

Rick Gelinas

Copyright 2003 Rick Gelinas. All rights reserved. Used here by permission of Rick Gelinas.