Heacock’s Corner: Turbo Steam Cleaning!!

Heacock’s Corner: Turbo Steam Cleaning!!

This is a completely new way to clean carpets. Get a jump start on your competition! There is nothing quite like it on the market at all.

This method cleans dirty carpets faster than a wand, with less effort, fewer strokes, and uses less water. It is light weight and non electric. I guarantee more soil will be removed, using less water with this system than with any cleaning system, because of the powerful agitation.

This system uses 1/2 to 1/3 of the water and cleaning solution needed for normal wand or any power head HWE system. Your chemical costs per job will go down. Prove it yourself by the color and condition of the waste water following the use of the Turbo Steam Cleaning System.

Here’s how the system works:

#1) Dry vacuum the carpet very thoroughly.

#2) Spray desired area with cleaning solution. The cleaning solution can be applied directly from your portable or Truckmount’s solution pump or from an electric sprayer. What is of great importance is the “volume” of cleaning solution applied to the carpet. Enough cleaning solution must be applied to the carpet so as to effect each fiber thoroughly.

#3) Agitate this area with an air turbine vacuum.

#4) Extract with a floor wand using “dry strokes” only. Triggering the the wand usually is not necessary for thorough soil removal. However, it is possible that some extremely soiled areas may need a typical “rinse stroke” before dry-stroking it. (This is more prevalent when using portable extractors which lack the “super suction” typically available from a Truckmount.)

It is also a very good idea to attach a “Dust Downer” to your vacuum hose.

With this system, it is common for large amounts of human and animal hair to be dug out from deep within the carpet. This can cause your vacuum hose to clog without a Dust Downer in place.

Here is another example: This is a white nylon carpet where a dog lies next to a bed. It had very heavy soiling, plus a LOT of dog hairs. All were removed with the Turbo Vac and the Chemstractor connected to my truck mount.

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