Heacock’s Corner: Suede Cleaning and The Heacock Phenomenon

Heacock’s Corner: Suede Cleaning and The Heacock Phenomenon

General Suede Cleaning

A wire brush will usually remove 100% of the soils present that are on the surface of the suede. However, some body oils which can penetrate into the suede fabric will need a solvent to remove them.

For cleaning heavy soils, such as those typically found on the arms and head-rest areas of suede furniture, first, clean them with the wire brush. That will remove most of the surface soil and/or spill. What does not come out with the wire brushing will most likely respond to a volatile solvent.

Start by applying the solvent to a folded terry cotton towel. Do this by pouring a line of the solvent across the center of the flat area of the towel. Next, spread the solvent around on the towel slightly, so when the solvent comes into contact with the suede, it will not make a “blob”. Apply with a wiping motion. Then, follow with a dry towel to pick up the loosened soils and/or oils.

A second or third application might be needed, depending on how bad the level of soiling is. Follow the solvent with a wire brushing, again.

Remember… Never apply the solvent directly to the suede, as this will nearly always leave a “ring mark” on the suede, which could be difficult or even impossible to remove. Additionally, never use soap and water, or any water-based cleaner on suede.

[ Editor’s Note: The above suede cleaning information has been presented here in order to peak your interest in the subject. Anyone seriously considering adding leather and suede cleaning to their company’s list of services should, first, take a course in this fine art. Many of these courses are taught by BridgePoint and others throughout the year – some even by our own Lonnie McDonald! ]

The Heacock Phenomenon

Now, please listen to an old geezer who has been in the cleaning business almost as long as Ellard Gann, and has seen it all and done it all.

“I have worked cheap and I have worked expensive. Believe me! Working expensive is better!” [paraphrased from Sophie Tucker, who also had seen it all and done it all].

What is (for lack of a better name)

The Heacock Phenomenon? “The Heacock Phenomenon” is where… every time you raise your prices, your business increases, not decreases!!

Write it down and burn it into your brain! Believe it, because it is true! Everyone who has been in business in this industry for any appreciable length of time has observed this phenomenon.

You set your price schedule at whatever you think customers will pay for your service.

However, you usually do not know your customers financial situation. Furthermore, you do not know whether someone will pay you what you ask or not. So, why not ask for a high fee, from the beginning?

If your clients agree to your price, you are way ahead of the game. If they do not agree, you can still lower your price and cut out some item that would have helped justify the original higher fee. If they still do not agree to this lowered price, they are not your type of customer and you should pass on them. Let Mr. Cheap Cleaner have them!

Tonight, I am preparing the reminder postcards for February 2003, as my January cleaning schedule is almost completely full. I am booked up 5 weeks in advance and I charge the top prices in my service area!

Now, don’t just take my word for it and leave it at that! I urge you to do likewise. What do you stand to lose? Nothing. What do you stand to gain? Everything. Go for it!

(*AHEM* All this and more is in my manual, “Custom Carpet Cleaning” – available for purchase on my website).
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