From Start to Finish: Good Operating Procedures: In 7 Easy Steps

From Start to Finish: Good Operating Procedures: In 7 Easy Steps

I have been asked to explain how I operate and my procedures. Simply put, I first sell myself and then I sell the job. I do the job right and I make a friend and customer for life. It goes something like this:

Step 1) My phone rings and I answer, “Good evening, this is George.” Then the conversation is usually a question/ answer session. When the price issue arises, as it must, my line goes something like this, “It’s best if I could come over to measure and then we’ll both know what we are getting into.” Their response is always very positive. They are now getting special service and I am sure they would also like to see who the voice on their telephone is. While I can comfortably converse on the telephone, many potential clients cannot and much prefer to visit eyeball to eyeball and in their home.

Step 2) Set up a time that is convenient for them. If possible, show up fresh, first thing out. You will be much sharper and present yourself better. Some times, it is hard to judge when you will be done with a job and if it was a “dog”, you will look and act like…. and be late on top of it.

Step 3) Show up on time, a few minutes sharp. Introduce yourself. You are now a guest in their home, act like it. Ask permission, ask to be shown etc. I have been told some real horror stories about “bulls in china shops”. Visit with the customer as you measure, encourage questions. Try to educate, but resist overselling, which is a turn-off. You are trying to build confidence while selling yourself.

Step 4) You figure your arithmetic, lay the price on them, going over what exactly what you will be doing for them. This is where you ask for the job. Pause to allow a little silence, if do-able, offer to do the job right then. If not, offer to do it at a time more convenient to them. Now you are selling the job, get your commitment.

Step 5) Do the job as best you can. You are still a guest in their home. Be on time and look sharp. Phrases such as: “Please”, “Thank you”,”Yes ma’am”, “Excuse me, please”, must be part of your vocabulary when speaking to the lady of the house. This is the way girls like to be spoken to, get used to it (This works at home too.
On the other hand, “smooches” work only at home!). :o)

Step 6) Upon finishing, walk the job and check for missed spots, etc. Fuss a little if need be. Assure them that if they have any concerns, after you have gone, they are welcome to call you. You would be very happy to do a “touch-up” if needed. Here are a few lines I use: “My work is guaranteed.” or “You’ve spent good money and you should expect good work. It’s only fair!” That brings it down to a matter of fact, a no-brainer, and not just hype. I can see the client’s face relax; you have sold yourself again. Thank them for having you as their carpet cleaner.

Step 7) Go home, clean everything for the next gig and give your wife the check before you loose it. When the phone rings go to step one. If it is a customer with a problem, take care of it ASAP and smile because now you have another chance to resell the job and yourself. Since working the Village last March, I have had only two callbacks. I have received more referrals from those folks then you would ever believe!

Do I get every job I run after? Of course not, but 95% is good! You are doing something-bad wrong if you get them all, or even worst none at all. In summery First, you need to sell yourself, then the job. Do the job right and you now have a friend as well as a customer. If you have been paying attention, you will notice this is the third time I have said this. Learn it; it works.

Have fun! George Hagele