Defending Your Process

Defending Your Process

In the realms of the Carpet Cleaning Industry, one of the hottest topics to discuss is of the various methods of removing soil from carpet. There have been many emotional debates among carpet cleaners both in the real world and in online discussion forums. This could be because there are so many companies producing and marketing a wide variety of cleaning machines and chemicals. On the other hand, it could be a matter of tradition for many. Perhaps one may just feel that his system of cleaning is better than another system or even all the other systems.

We should really understand WHY we feel the way we do about our cleaning process. All of us should be able to feel good about what we do and not be afraid to express those feelings to other cleaners. Moreover, we also many times have to “defend” our carpet cleaning system to our customers and potential customers.

How many times has a customer asked you this question, “How exactly does your cleaning process work?” Personally, I get that question all the time. What kind of message would I give if Ireply, “I don’t know, but it’s better than anything else out there!” I would probably be shown the front door. Alternatively, what if the homeowner looks at your Dry Foam Extractor or Rotary Machine and says, “I just don’t understand how THAT can actually get the dirt out of my carpet.” Do you suddenly stumble around looking for an explanation that will keep Mrs. Smith somewhat satisfied while you finish the job? By having an answer that makes sense, we can show the homeowner that we really do have confidence in our own abilities and she can as well.

It is very important that we think about our answer to such questions BEFORE they come up!

Sit down with a pen and paper and write out a complete and convincing statement. This should not be that hard to do. After all, we were obviously convinced in the abilities of our chemicals and machines in the first place. That is why we choose to feel so compassionate about them. Now the trick is, conveying this feeling to our customer. Take your pen and jot down these important pieces of information.

#1) How do you remove dry particulate soil from the carpet? For most of us, this will involve pre-grooming, vacuuming, and pile lifting.

#2) How do your chemicals work? Do they suspend the soils? Do they break them apart? Is a “rinse” chemical involved? Will you leave a residue? If so, is it a beneficial residue or a detrimental one?

#3) How do you agitate your chemicals? Do you use a heated cleaning solution?

#4) How will the soil be removed or extracted from the carpet? Is it a chemical process?
Will the soil be flushed out? Are they absorbed by a pad or poultice compound?

#5) How will you treat stubborn spots? Do you have separate chemicals or spotters to
deal with them effectively?

#6) Finally, what do you do to aid in the drying process? After all, this is an important part of the cleaning process. Do you make an extra pass with a dry pad? Do you use airmovers? Do you post-groom the carpet?

These are just a few things to ask yourself in order to get your mind working. Notice that by giving an answer to any of these questions, you will not be “bashing” any other method. Rather, you will be giving a positive response based on what you know.

So, take a few minutes to write down your answers to these questions and rehearse a convincing answer to each question, in your mind. By doing so, you will reestablish your own faith in your abilities. In addition, more importantly, you will have the ability to give a real shot of confidence to the most important people in our
industry our customers!

Phillip Newell