Chemstractor Journal: The Magic Bullet

Chemstractor Journal: The Magic Bullet

Much has happened since my last article on the Chemstractor. Actually… I have sold my Chemstractor! I did not sell it because it is a poor performer, but rather, I was unable to “harmonize” with this machine. I found that I never quite settled down with this piece of equipment. In hindsight, I believe that the primary problem was me trying to make the Chemstractor something it is not. My expectations were greater than this machine could deliver. Not because the Chemstractor is unable to “deliver the goods”, but because my expectations were unrealistic.

You see, I was looking for the magic bullet. The cure for the disease. The piece of equipment that could take on any situation and win. After all, aren’t we all looking for that?

A manufacturer makes a new model of anything and we clamor for it. We just have to have it because it might be the one to end all of the rest. I believe this yearning is cultural. It has been cultivated by years of exposure to marketers.

So, my Chemstractor is sold. What next? Ahh yes! I must buy another piece of equipment! I am on the prowl once more to satisfy my need for the magic bullet.

Darn it! The rear end of my wife’s car goes out! The money gained from the sale of the Chemstractor must now be used to keep my wife driving. So, in a sense, the Chemstractor gave it’s life for my wife’s car! What a machine! It went down in a blaze of glory. (Every year, we now have what we call “Chemstractor Day”. It is a remembrance of the day my Chemstractor gave everything it had for my wife……… yeah right!) :o)

Suddenly an epiphany occurs, while I am none other than doing what?…. You guessed it, cleaning carpets. What do I really need? In what area am I lacking? Who or what is the real magic bullet? Is it a piece of equipment or is it me?

You are right. It is me. It is all of us. It is knowing when to do the right thing at the right time, whether we are marketing, cleaning, or dealing with customers and employees. I am my own greatest asset.

Back to the question. What do I really need? Rinse. I want to rinse with water. Oh my! Am I crossing over to the dark side? Did I say water? Mark Stanley, Mark Stanley, help me! I think I am getting sick! I am thinking about water…..and lots of it. Please give me a VLM prescription. This thinking must go away!

Steamin Demon? No. I feel that it is not going to be versatile enough. US Products heated HP series? No. I feel they are just a little over priced. Spitfire? No. if I want a truck mount, I will just buy a Vortex, not some mini mount. After all, I just want to rinse. And I want flexibility. Cross American Recoil-3? Great service and reportedly a great product. A staple in the industry. Plus you get Ed Valentine! Yes, this feels good. All but the “water” part. Oh, what the heck! I’ll do it!

Fast forward. I have started using my new machine. It is an excellent piece of equipment, and fits my needs nicely. It actually fits some needs I did not know that I had. That power sprayer feature, has now replaced both my pump up sprayer and my battery sprayer. You can spray all day with that thing. It is a solid piece of equipment.

In searching for ways to refine my cleaning process, I have stumbled across a few discoveries. I look at my carpet cleaning process as more of a “wash cycle” (like what my OP machine does to the carpet, for instance). The Recoil-3 has now become my “rinse cycle”.

Running my Oscillating Pad Machine after rinsing, now costs my customers more money. They pay for the wash and the rinse. However, if they like d-r-y, they will have to pay a little more for that. I want to give my customers a reason to pay more.

…Of course, all of this reasoning “flies out the window” with regards to commercial
carpet cleaning. So, now I am on yet another journey. Where will it lead me? Only time
will tell.

In closing, I would just like to say Thank You to all who have answered my questions
and assisted me during my quest. You are a great bunch!

John Merritt