Chemist’s Corner: Formulated Disasters

Chemist’s Corner: Formulated Disasters

To me, nothing is more exciting and fun than to mix this material with that material…. Mix this chemical with that chemical. The goal being to create an ideal formula for a perfect end product. I will also be the first to admit, with my 30 plus years in the industry, that I have had my share of hair pulling major disasters. Every year, we will read or hear about professional cleaners and homemakers who have died or had near death experiences, because they were formulating and mixing different products together. As we all realize, some chemicals/cleaning products just do not mix and can cause a time bomb disaster!

Many manufacturers, just like us, will design products that can be mixed together in order to boost another product’s cleaning performance. These mixable products are tested repeatedly for safety.

Today, more and more homeowners think they are saving money by purchasing a small carpet-cleaning unit. These do-it-yourself homeowners will spend $300.00 or more for a cleaning unit, but refuse to purchase quality cleaning agents. We are discovering that many of these people are formulating their own cleaning agents. They will mix all types of household products, such as:

#1) laundry detergents
#2) dish soaps
#3) dish washer detergents
#4) bathroom cleaners
#5) toilet bowl cleaners
#6) concrete cleaners
#7) bleaches, etc.

After creating a disaster on their carpet and fine furnishings, they will pick-up the telephone and call a professional carpet cleaner to solve their now major problems. Ah yes, now it is the task for the professional to step in and correct their problems… if they can be corrected!

If you, as a professional cleaner, have a secret formula, that works… that’s great! Nevertheless, if you are not sure when mixing products together what the result will be… why try it? Always think of your customers first. The safety of their family and pets should be your #1 concern. Please let the mixing of chemicals be done by an expert. Remember that you are in this business to solve your customer’s problems, not to create them. So, please be safe when mixing different chemicals!

Bill Scheuneman