Carpet Cleaning Method Myths And Carpet Warranties

Carpet Cleaning Method Myths And Carpet Warranties

I have been in the carpet cleaning business for over 24 years. I started in this business using the standard rotary shampoo method of cleaning carpet with a janitorial firm I worked for. To say that the rotary method is a surface cleaner is pure “bunk”. Anybody who has properly used the rotary method of cleaning carpet can see the incredible results it produces. As a matter of fact, a local company that I worked for used both truckmounted HWE equipment and the rotary method of cleaning carpet.

Want to know why? In some instances the truckmounted HWE equipment with the high heat, (our was set at 240 degrees) still did not remove some of the ground in soils in high traffic areas such as: hallways, stairs, under chairs in offices, etc. Because of this, we would bring in a rotary shampooer for these areas and follow up with the truckmounted HWE system to remove the shampoo residue. The results where quite amazing.

So, you see, in some situations the HWE method alone can be considered also be considered “surface cleaning”. Truckmounted systems are good, but they have their limitations just like any other system does.

Personally, I use a portable extractor with a 300 – 400 psi pump with heat (150 degrees at the wand tip) and a rotary shampooer in situations where HWE alone will not remove ground-in dirt and soils. I use my portable extractor and have never had a complaint due to overwetting. I could write a book about all the complaints I have heard from people (both operator and consumer) who have used the truckmounted HWE system alone for cleaning carpets.

Here is a thought about Carpet Warranties:

Why should we have to worry about the system we use if the carpet’s warranty is (most likely) already voided?

Case in point: I have a customer who recently purchased new carpet. It is only 4 months old. Recently, she discovered an area of spots on it that she thought might have been pet-urine. It had all the typical characteristics of pet-urine. When she called the company she purchased her carpet from, they informed her that her new carpet’s warranty was now voided!

This being the case, would it really matter which system was used to clean it? What types of spills void a carpet’s warranty and why? These are questions that deserve answering. What are your thoughts about this? Lynn Hassel

What’s your opinion?