Actions Speak Much Louder Than Words

Actions Speak Much Louder Than Words

The way you present yourself or the message you are sending is far more important to clients than the words you say.
Arriving on time immediately sets a positive tone. You’re communicating that the client is important, that you care about them and that you are concerned about effective and efficient use of your and their time. You gain credibility as a professional and demonstrate that promptness is one of your traits.

Arriving late, on the other hand, communicates a far different message. It can say: “I don’t care.”, “Clients are not important.”, and “I am disorganized.” Think about it.

Keep sending that positive message with your body language when meeting the client; smiling, maintaining eye contact, and a firm handshake. I give them two shakes. Two’s company three’s a crowd. Slowly move both arms behind your back, in the at-ease position. This lets the client know that you are friendly, easy going, and letting them into your heart.

Add a little personality and some small talk during the appointment. Male clients prefer topics such as sports, current events, politics, and business. Women, on the other hand, enjoy conversations involving personal items, home and family (especially, babies!).

Perform “knock your socks off” service. Now, you have just created a cheerleader and a relationship.

You also need to listen to your clients.

After every job, I ask, “Who have you used in the past?”. They will tell you. This is the key. Listen to what they are saying. They will even tell you why your company was selected by them. “Listen”. This will not only help you with your marketing, but will help you to know what is of interest to them for your newsletters.

Never be late, master your body language, learn the art of “small talk”, always perform outstanding work, and remember to listen carefully to what your clients have to say.

“Actions really do speak much louder than words”.

Rick Larson