Achieving Success With Your Greatest Asset!

Achieving Success With Your Greatest Asset!

In this article I would like to discuss a component that you have in your business that can bring you unimaginable wealth. Is it a newfangled machine? No.

Is it a breakthrough chemical? No. Is it an amazing marketing package? No again. The secret to your success is sitting 24″ away from this computer monitor.

… It is you.

Let me start off by asking a question. Why is the richest man in America so successful? Is he smarter than anyone else in this country? No! Is he better looking than anyone else? Not likely! So then, why is he so successful when others are not? Old Bill’s got two eyes, two hands, and two feet just like the rest of us. I’m not using this illustration to promote massive riches as a source of real happiness, because it is NOT. Here is what I am suggesting…

Our success has to do completely with the choices we make and what we do with our lives.

Before we go further, we should first ask ourselves this question:

How do we measure success?
Some may feel that to be very rich is the greatest achievement of all. Money is good. However, I would also like to relate that to the richest man who ever lived, King Solomon (from the Old Testament). Solomon came to the conclusion that the pursuit of material things was all “vanity and striving after the wind”. So much more than material things are needed for us to achieve real contentment in life.

There is a difference between being rich and having “real” wealth.
Real wealth has to do with the quality of our lives. Our lives are made up of minutes and days. Therefore, the quality of our life is what measures our true worth. It encompasses our relationships with our mates and our families. It includes our value as a contributor to other people’s lives. It reflects on our spiritual lives. Real wealth has more to do with our hearts than with our bank accounts.

So let’s look at YOU as the most important asset that you possess. Picture yourself as a big container. Your container represents all of your experiences, relationships, earnings, accomplishments, emotions, etc. What are you going to put into your container? I suggest that you fill up your container with good stuff, if you really want to be successful. Good stuff?

To identify what good stuff we want in our container, we need to determine what is
important in our lives. Take a moment to outline what things are important to you.

Here are some roles that we might consider as we evaluate what we are putting into our container.

– Spiritual.
– Husband.
– Wife.
– Family. – Friends.
– Business.
– Recreation.

Work on your list of roles as you see fit. Now that you have identified some of the
ingredients that you have that make up your life, how are you spending your time with these components?

Being self-employed provides each of us with the opportunity to make choices about
what we want out of life. Do we want a day off to spend with our spouse? We can do
that. Do we want to waste time on a fruitless project? Unfortunately, we can do that
too. So, as you can see, self-discipline is needed.

We can each ask ourselves some valuable questions. What is filling my container? What am I doing with my life? Am I building quality into my life? How much time do I spend in front of the computer spending “non-productive” time? Am I spending quality time with my mate? Am I cultivating a spiritual life? Am I spending time working on my business rather than in my business? Am I spending time improving the overall package?

Being successful in business is also important. Success in business provides us with a very important commodity – money. Success in business also helps us to have a sense of self-worth. When we are successful in business, it contributes to the whole. However, we should recognize that business is only one part of the whole picture. By giving equal consideration to each component that fills our container we can develop “real” wealth.

We can achieve real worth by concentrating on filling our lives with good things.

This will create abundance within us. And, an abundant person is well prepared to handle any situation in a positive manner. That, in turn, will lead to success in ALL areas of life.

By comparison, the people who have no abundance within themselves are usually those
pathetic individuals who live their lives in misery, regardless of their fiscal net worth.

So, as you begin another year in this great business, remember…

The secret to your success is sitting 24 inches away from this computer monitor.

Begin right away to set goals that will contribute to abundantly filling your container. In this way, you will receive rewards from your greatest asset, YOU.

Rick Gelinas